Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.
Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2ª planta,
28020 Madrid (España)
CIF: A28357663

1. Identification of service provider:

In compliance with the duty of general information contained in Article 10 of the law 34/2002, from the 11th July, regarding the Information society and Electronic Commerce Services, should offer information service providers, hereafter reflecting the following data:

The website’s owner company is Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. with C.I.F: A28357663 and the address Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2ª planta, 28020 - Madrid.

2. Privacy Policy notice:

For the implementation of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, in regards to personal data protection, we inform the users that the personal information given voluntarily will be saved in the USUARIOS@WEB file with intention to offer services based on needs and preferences.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the information given. Consequently, it promises to comply with its obligation of maintaining this personal data secret, protecting it and adopting all the necessary measures to avoid it being altered, lost, treated or used without specific authorisation. Therefore, all information provided will not be disclosed to a third party except in such cases in which there is a legal obligation to do so or for the correct use of its services.

You may exercise the right at any time to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your personal data by communicating your desire in writing at the email address:

3. Miscellaneous:

A.- Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. uses cookies which will remain stored in the computer. Cookies are small files sent from our main server to the user’s computer, however it does not provide information of any personal matter such as name. When the user is found browsing on Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U, the device from which the website is being accessed, automatically recognises the computer’s IP address, the day and time the session started, and the time it was exited, as well as the information different sections consulted. It is necessary that the server has this data to be able to communicate and send the petition completed and from the browser, you can see the page.

B.- Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. can modify, without previous announcement, the information on its website, in regards to the information held on the website as well as its configuration and presentation.

C.- Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. will not be held responsible of the infringement of any applicable regulation in which the user could incur in their website access and/or in the information it contains.


In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, in regards to personal data protection (henceforth OLDP), we inform the users that the personal information given voluntarily, including the details used as consequence of navigation on the homepage, will be saved in the USUARIOS@WEB file owned Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U., with the CIF A28357663, whose registered office is located in Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2nd floor, 28020 - Madrid. The purpose of the above is to manage, offer and improve services and products offered at any time by Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. in the homepage and outside, the trade tracking and disclosure of updated information of the related products and services, present and future, and, in such case, the implementation of billing or any other action which can be necessary to implement the contractual relationship between the client and Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.

Moreover, Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. commits to not disclose your personal details to a third party except if we receive explicit consent.

In such case, the client, you, give full consent to the transfer and processing of rights to the entity Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.

You may exercise your rights at any time to access, rectify, cancel or object to the processing of the personal data provided by the following means:

1) Via email, at

2) As a written communication directed at Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2nd floor, 28020 - Madrid.

Also by the fulfillment, registration and/or transfer of the data forms contained in this page, you expressly consent to the sending of commercial communications, promotions and publicity (including by e-mail or by some other type of equivalent electronic communication) referred to the services related, present and future, offered by the entity Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.

It will be identified by means of the word “publicity”, those e-mails or newsletters that only contain commercial communications or promotions. Such consent may be revoked at any time with the simple notification from the client through e-mail, or by written to the address Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2ª planta, 28020 - Madrid

Please be informed we have implemented reasonable technical and organizational security measures, according to the regulations currently in force, to protect your personal data and avoid its alteration, loss and/or unauthorized use, disclosure or access, given the technological situation, the nature of the stored data and the risk to which they are exposed, as a result of the human action or the physical and natural environment.

We will not be held responsible for the legality, veracity and accuracy of the details given by the clients. The client will be held responsable to notify any modication in the information.

This privacy policy only applies to the webpage property of Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U., accesses through links with this site and those links from this site to other websites are not guaranteed by the privacy policy


The present conditions are the terms and conditions by which you (the user) abide to regulated the use of the website Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.. Being a user on Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. website implies that you acknowledge to have read and agreed to the present conditions, and everything that derives from the applicable legislation in this field. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, you should cease all usage of this website.

1.- Purpose of the website

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. website (henceforth the website) has been created for informative purposes only, and offers information free of charge and accessible to everyone, without the need to pay any amount at any time. Specifically in this environment, Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. wishes to establish the present conditions and limits which covers all complementary and no contradictory clauses that other parts of web may cover, subject to the general and/or particular conditions, even in any “Particular Conditions”, in case these will be necessary for specific services. The previously mentioned “Particular Conditions” would be made available to the user by whatever reliable means necessary to be checked by the user, before both sides can consider them agreed and act upon it.

2.- Limitations on information and content use at

The content and information the user may access through the website, mainly through the browser or inside the registered users’ space, constitutes property of Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. It is possible to view the previously mentioned information for personal and informative uses, however it is not for commercial use. The user must not copy, distribute, perform, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any information obtained from Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. website, in particular information found from the users search.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. may alter the information, adding watermarks with encrypted technology, which will not change the content nor its meaning in any degree, yet it allows illicit trade to be detected, its existence and origin, in its database, as well as its date and IP address, and thus prove the improper acquisition of information and therefore will request the charges stated in the in the Criminal Code regarding the improper use of databases.

3.- Copyright and trademarks.

The intellectual and industrial property, commercial trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and visible icons on the Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. website are exlcusive property of Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U.or, where applicable, the entity or group that have been approved its inclusion. All the content and its format are protected by the national and international laws in force. The misuse of any content included on the Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. website is absolutely forbidden, unless there is a written license. LSSI.

4.- Privacy policy.

The purpose of Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. privacy policy is to uphold the current legislation in regards to protection of personal data. If you have any doubts, or want to exercise your rights to oppose, change or cancel of your data in our databases, the claims must be submitted in writing in a reliable manner to: Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U., Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, 2ª planta, 28020 - Madrid, or via email to:

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. will not make use of your information without your explicit permission, except your e-mail address, when it will be necessary to maintain a conversation started by you, and to facilitate in the means possible and without obligation, a way to manage your own information and services.

When using the Website and you are given us permission to store the trail left by your IP address, with the purpose of managingthe systems in order to improve the effectiveness of the Website and carry out global statistical studies, as well as a means ofsecurity, to answer judicial requests if it were the case. The user may accept or refuse the use of cookies by configuring thebrowser accordingly. In this case, it is possible you may not be able to use all of the functions the website has to offer. On occasions, in the forms used to collect data, you may be asked permission to send updates regarding the service of Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. and/or third parties, and occasionally to conduct surveys to find out the user satisfaction of this service.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U., as the owner and manager of the Website, is unable to sell or rent to third parties the user and contact database. Although it is possible that via direct communications, third parties’ information will be included when Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U., S.L. considers it of special interest for the User, who is able to refuse this at any moment as included in our private policy.

5.- Liability.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. will not be held responsible for the damages or malfunctions produced due to failures or misconfiguration of the software installed on the user’s computer. This website, by default, is made to be viewed on all browsers. Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. will not be held responsible for the lack of displaying of any relevant information, which may occur in other kind of possible combinations of browsers and operating systems.

You are fully responsible of whatever happens on your own device, and therefore should undertake the appropriate security means to protect the information held in it, to avoid losses and damages cause by downloads from the website.

In regards to the information the user can access via the website, due to the different sources used to obtain it and the recording process used, Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U cannot guarantee the absolute correctness of the same and therefore, the User may not demand any liability whatsoever for any damages due to errors in the supplied information.

6.- Amendments.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. may alter the current conditions are any time, although it is not the intention for this to occur frequently, posting on this page the date of the amendment and will enter into force immediately.

If by legislative change or judicial order, any part of the current conditions is no longer LSSI applicable, said clauses will be cancelled, but the rest will remain valid and in place. If you continue using our website, it implies you accept the conditions and will commit to permit any subsequent amendment affecting them, compelling yourself to review this page with frequency. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not visit the website.

7.- Independence.

Viterra Agrícola España S.A.U. content does not support any political party, socio-political or corporate ideology or party above the rest.