The use of cookies when you visit our site

When you visit our site, information relating to the site navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) on the site may be recorded in text files named “cookies”, installed on your browser. The cookies will be used to recognize your browser for as long as they remain valid.

The purpose of cookies

They are widely used to know the visitant activities in our website, in order to enhance it through the storage and recovering of the user navigation data.

Cookies are also used to measure and analyze the frequency of visits and the use of our site, its sections and the services offered by the owner and collaborators of the website, enabling us to carry out research to make our site and services more relevant and personalize its content

Relevant information regarding how we use the cookies

Cookies are used for statistical and functional purposes and to improve our services by analyzing the use that visitors make of our website, including the use of our internet banking systems. In this last case, we may use cookies to store some access data but never the passwords. Cookies facilitates the user to connect, navigate and use our website in future visits.

Some of the advertisers and organizations of web analysis working with us, may incorporate cookies in the user computer through the use of the present web. Our sites may also have links to other social networks (like Facebook). Vitaloleum does not have control over the cookies used by this external webs. For more information over the cookies used by social networks or any other external webs, we suggest you to review their respective cookies policies.

Our own cookies

Please find as follows the cookies established by our web site and the purpose of each one:

Technical Cookies: that are strictly necessary for the correct functioning of our website and the use of the different options and services offered. For instance, the ones used for the maintenance of the session, manage the response time, the performance or options validation, use of security features, share of the social networks content, etc.

Profile Cookies: allows the user to define or personalize general characteristics of the website. For example: establish the language, regional configuration or choose the type of browser.

Third party profiling cookies

Our site is likely to contain cookies set by third parties enabling them to provide certain services. It is shown below the cookies established by third parties, the purpose of them and the links to the websites where you may find more information regarding these cookies:

How to disable the cookies

To comply with the current regulations, we need to ask for permission to manage the cookies. In case you do not authorize the treatment you have to inform us of your non-conformity, and we would only use the necessary cookies for the navigation in our web. In this case we will not store any cookie. In case you will keep surfing our website without deny your authorization, this will imply you accept its use.

Please consider that, if you refuse or erase the navigation cookies, we will not be able to maintain your preferences, some options of the pages will not be operative, we couldn’t offer you personalized services and whenever you will visit our web we will have to request you again your authorization to use the cookies.

You may modify the access configuration to the website. You must know that it is possible to erase cookies or prevent the registration of the information in your equipment at any moment changing the settings of your browser.

Cookies configuration for Internet Explorer
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Cookies configuration for Safari

Vitaloleum doesn’t own or sponsors the links mentioned above, thus he will not undertake any responsibility over its content or update.

The user may revoke its consent to the use of cookies in his browser by clicking in the following links:

Google Analytics

Google: through the browser settings above detailed, for the disabling or erasing of cookies.
Facebook: through the browser settings above detailed, for the disabling or erasing of cookies.